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About Me


Actually, it's about you

It's important to remember that as much as you see other people in the world, it is the person behind the lens that matters. 

My hope for this space that I'm creating is that not only can I share a piece of myself with the world, but I also hope to someway have some sort of positive impact on someone. 

I'm a Father and Husband with 3 children, Noah, Mia and Jonah. My wife Rachel and I are in love with our family and want to thank anyone and everyone who has been a part of our Journey.

More About Me

If you really want to know,

I'm just a regular person. 

I do regular things with regular intentions and regular expectations. 

I have regular needs and want regular things like peace and prosperity.

You don't have to be special to matter.

We All Matter. 

Game Designer
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